We can “finish” your final outputs with a variety of techniques and materials.
By having QCX finish your posters and displays, your product will have added
protection and an enhanced overall “look.” In addition to a variety of in-house
laminates and mounting materials, we offer personalized consulting on any
unique installation requirements of your project. Feel free to contact us for
advice or recommendations on how to best finish your project.

Our available laminate finishes include gloss, lustre, satin, matte, Lexan
(copyright), adhesives, and more. In addition to laminating or by itself,
mounting your project gives it a “body” of it’s own. We can mount to Foamcore©,
Gatorboard©, Sintra©, illustration board, Plexiglass©, and Masonite© among
others. Custom constructing and finishing has endless applications, in fact,
just about anything is possible, from sub-surface signage to grommeted
hanging banners. We can custom trim your job to shape, create monitor
poppers in a variety of styles, and assist you with the your installation
concept and process.